As the fastest growing and largest game event in China, the GMGC Beijing is the international platform for sharing industry trends and ideas in the ever-evolving game industry. Hosted annually, Next year the GMGC Conference is held on April 2nd-3rd, 2018, at the China National Convention Center in Beijing, and will draw more than 200 speakers and 16,000 industry professionals from over 40 countries.
In the past 6 years, the GMGC – Beijing hosted some of the biggest names in the game industry, including top minds from Baidu, EA, Tencent, Samsung, Xiaomi, Gameloft, Google, Paypal, and App Annie. This year we're back to engage more top industry players and meet new game-changers in our keynote speaker series, panel discussions, and insightful forums.
Don’t miss the developer workshops and D-Forge stages, discover new game ideas at our 11th edition of the Indie Pitch Arena competition, and meet other like-minded professionals at the VIP Welcome Dinner and Official Party.


Conference Sections Include:


2017 Agenda

G50 Game Summit

Grand Ballroom B, 2F, InterContinental Beijing Beichen

G50 Game Summit
VIP Welcome Dinner

Grand Ballroom , 2F, InterContinental Beijing Beichen

Welcome Speech by Organizer:

David Song, CEO, GMGC

Sponsor Speaker: Peinuan Wang, Assistant President, 360
Sponsor Speaker: Rexy, General Manager, World Medical Network
Main Stage A

CNCC 3F Room309

Opening Ceremony

Welcome Speech by Organizer
Welcome Speech by Governor :Liu jinhua, President of China culture & entertainment industry association

GTA Announcement

Google,Twitter,China Telecom etc

Ubisoft VR - The Mobile Reach!

Aurelien Palasse, Head of Publishing - Asia, Ubisoft

Cooperation opportunities of Japan-China in game industry and Company introduction of Valhalla


Keynote: Open up Tencent Ecosystem , Fuel Global Expansion of Gaming Enterprises

Wat Yang, Business Dep Deputy GM, Tencent Cloud

Keynote: Enhance Cooperative Competition, Mobile Games Are Moving to the next Level

Steven Hu, CEO, Ourpalm

Keynote: 360 Game Marketing "Trend·Method·Tactics"

Peinuan Wang, Assistant President, 360

Keynote: TBD

Sun li jun, Vice president, Beijing Film Academy

Panel: PC, Web & Mobile Games - Battle for the Throne

Moderator: Angel Mo, Co-founder & CEO, Uzone Network
Zhuangxian Yao, CEO, SOFTSTAR Technology
Huang Wei, SVP, ChangYou
Liu Rui, CEO, Fancy Guo
Roy Xu, COO, 7road
Yongming Pu, Vice President, GY GAMES

Keynote: The Driving Force of Ecosystem Development in Gaming Industry

Wang Zhi, GM, IaaS Department of JD Cloud

Keynote: IP Appreciation: Create & Operate IP Contents, Achieve Win-Win Symbiosis

Ping Huang, General Manager of Global Business, Kingnet Games

Panel: Mobile Game, Seemed good in 2016…

Moderator: David Song, CEO, GMGC
Ken, Chairman of the board & CEO, CMGE
Zhuangxian Yao, CEO, SOFTSTAR Technology
Tan Yanfeng, Vice President, Shanda Games
Leo, CEO, Tianmashikong
Feng Zhang, Vice President, bilibili

Keynote: The Small Data in Game Advertising and the Report Releasing for China Pan-Entertainment Industry of 2016

Yustar, CEO, DataEye

Panel: Data network in 2017

Moderator: Gang Zhang, CEO, Caishi Media
Melody Sun, Senior Director of Operations, Tencent Social Ads
Grace Huang, Founder & CEO, iPinYou
Cherry, Co-founder, [HenKuai]
James, General Manager, Dianru Mobile

Panel: Global H5 Gaming Summit

Moderator: Michael Zhang
Robin Pan, Founder & CEO, Colorful Tech.
XieChenHong, Chairman & CEO, Layabox
Troy Luo, Director of web games and H5 games, Tencent Qzone
Edwin Chen, CEO&founder, Egret Technology

Main Stage B

CNCC 3F Room311

Opening Ceremony

Welcome Speech by Organizer
Welcome Speech by Governor

Keynote: Go Global with Google

Hui Deng, Head of Industry, mApp/Gaming/O2O/Social, Google

Panel: How diverse teams boost productivity, and how to build them

Moderator: Robin Kiera, Tech Industry Expert
Patrick Wilkens, Product Lead, Good Game Studios
Patrick Rose, Business & Product Analyst, Bandai Namco
Tony Zander, VP Product & Development, Vectr
Kadri Ugand, Co-Founder & CEO, GameFounders

Keynote: 2017: The Year of #Live

Alan Lan, Head of Greater China, Twitter

Keynote: What We Learned from 10 Years of Making Social & Mobile FPS Games


Keynote: Discovering New Game Segments in MMORPG-Crazy Vietnam

Christopher Liu, Head of Mobile Game Publishing, VNG

Keynote: AppsFlyer Data Study: App Engagement and Power Ranking

Wei Wang, GM AppsFlyer

Panel: Best Practices for User Acquisition Overseas

Moderator: Chen Zeng, GM, Glispa
Yujia Zhu, AppLovin
Ping Huang, General Manager of Global Business, Kingnet Games
Greg MERCIER, CEO, Addict Mobile
Hui Deng, Head of Industry, mApp/Gaming/O2O/Social, Google
Fiona Ferrier, Head of China, Chartboost

Keynote: Immersive Haptic Experiences in Mobile

Mahesh Sundaram, VP of Worldwide Sales & Customer Support, Immersion

Panel:The MENA Market, is it Ready Yet?

Moderator: Jakob Nilsson, CEO, Game Plus
Vince Ghossoub, CEO, Falafel Games
Hussam Hammo, CEO, Tamatem
Ahmed Alsafar, Co-founder / Game Acquisition Hero, Play 3arabi
MJ Fahmi, CEO, Babil Games

Keynote: New Era of e-Payment: Opportunities & Challenges

Joseph Chan, CEO, AsiaPay

Keynote: Neuroscience in Gaming: Lessons from Donald Trump's Campaign and How to Get Players Fired up About Your Game

Philip Beck, Chairman, Dubeta

Panel: Is the sky really the limit for the Southeast Asian Market?

Moderator: Johary Mustapha, CEO, Forest Interactive
Martin Ha, Co-Founder & Business Director, SohaGame
Justin Kim, CEO, Redbana
Paul Leishman, President, Coda Payments
Jasni Zain, Senior Manager, Strategy & Policy Creative Content & Technologies, MDEC

keynote: Winning Impressions – How Creatives Are Changing the Market

Yoni Eyal, GM of APAC, ironSource

Fireside Chat: India: The Land of a Billion Opportunities

Moderator: Maxim de Wit, Founding Partner, Skylark Partners
Manish Agarwal, CEO, Nazara Technology

Developer Camp

CNCC Function Hall A

Opening Speech

MC:Julia Yang, Founder/Exeutive Director, BEST CREATORS

Keynote: Project Management in Games

Zhiguo Ren, Game Producer& Director, Tencent

Keynote: Game Industry Consumption Upgrade Under the Cloud Service Change

Quanzhi Ma, GM of Game Department, Ali Cloud

Keynote: Quality Management of Tencent Highest Ranking Mobile Games

Allen Fang, Quality Director, Tencent Games

Keynote: Sniper Web Games and Stand Alone Games

Ming Zheng, Co-Founder & President, Wooduan

Keynote: Keys to Developing MMORPG

Chen Liu, R&D director, GAEA

Keynote: Cross Industry Application of Unreal Engine

Hao Wu, Greater China General Manager (Corporate Dev & Marketing), Epic Games

Keynote: Understanding Games Through Data

Tavy Chen, Product Manager, IEG, Tencent

Keynote: The Future of VR That You Never Knew

Tiancheng Liu, CO-CEO, IDEALENS

Keynote: Ambitions of a Small Team

Oliver Wu, CEO, Flyingwing Digital Tech

Keynote: Unity New Features Explained 2017

Richard Yang, Platform Technical Director, Unity Technologies

CNCC Function Hall A

MC: Ruixin Yang, Meidou TV

Keynote: Investment in Live Streaming 2.0

Tianyan Li, Partner, Guojin Capital

Keynote: Live content security solutions

Andy, Senior Product Manager of Yidun, NetEase

Keynote: The Mobile E-Sports is Blooming, Mobile Live Streaming is facing infinity possibilities.

David Cao,CEO,Kascend TV

Panel: The Future of the Live Streaming Industry

Moderator:Solan, COO, 163888 LIVE
REN Zhong, S.V.P , YouXiDuo & Shihou Live Platform
KIKI, Actress, Keahoarl Information Tech.
Ding Li, Live Department General Manager, bilibili

Panel: Managing the 100 billion market with innovative mindset

Moderator:Ruixin Yang, Meidou TV
Weilin Yin, GM, Yuhouhaitang
Xu Yang, GM, Yizhibo

Main Stage A

CNCC 3F Room309

Keynote: Huge transformation of the way of aggregate payment forerunner

Yuekun Qiu, CEO, IappPay

Keynote: Widely Entertaining IP Ecosystem by Alibaba Games

Simon Shi, President, Alibaba Games

Keynote: How to Improve the R&D Success Rate of Games by Graphic Design and Production

Zhe Yang, Senior Designer, VISE 3D

Panel: Navigating Changes in the Gaming Industry

Moderator: Vince Ren, Partner, GMGC
Lei Sun, GM of Game Department, Ali Cloud
Tony, CEO, Social Touch Advertising
Ma Xin, Head of sales, Avazu
Huang Gao, CEO, loveOTA

Panel: Opportunities in E-sport

Moderator: Nicky Zhang, GM, GameFY
Li Yanfei, VP, WCA
Wang Xiangyu, CSO, ZTE9
KIKI, Actress, Keahoarl Information Tech.
Cai Chao, VP Interactive Entertainment, NBA

Keynote: Innovation in Anime Industry

Sun Hao, Vice General Manager, China Animation Comic Game Group

Keynote: Trends and Core of Purchase in Mobile Gaming

Chong Yu, CEO, Infox Games

Panel: IP 3.0 Era

Moderator: Lei rong zu, Chairman&CEO, UP ENTERTAINMENT
Steven, VP, China Reading
Li Wei, COO, Wanda Cinemas Games
Wonder, CEO, Shenzhen Radiant Tech.
Zheng Huaping, CEO,
Wang Hao, VP, PPLive Corporation(pptv.com)
An An, Partner and VP of Business Development, GAEA

Keynote: 11 Ways to Die for VR Games in 2017

Wang Ke, CEO, Mirage Interactive

Panel: New Market Situation in Mass Entertainment

Moderator: Eric Yu, CEO, Game Gyro
Shao Bing, Head of Digital Entertainment, Jilin University of the Arts,New Media Institute
Lei Sheng, Foil Olympics champion. China's flag-bearer at Rio Olympics
Hui Wang, Founder & CEO, Huihuang Culture

Main Stage B

CNCC 3F Room311


Welcome Speech


Keynote: Smart - Life

Phenix Qin, Partner & SVP, iCarbonX

Keynote: A.I. age: technology innovation and industrialization

Yu Hu, Executive President of iflytek, President of Consumer Business Group, iFLYTEK

Keynote: Integration Platform of High Performance Computing, Cloud Computing and Big Data

Jinghua Feng, Assistant Director, National Supercomputer Center in Tianjin




Tiger Shen, CEO, Singulato

1+2 Interview: Future Technology and Smart Transport

Hunterlong, Industry Information Department Director of Tech news Center, Tencent
Tiger Shen, CEO, Singulato



Keynote: AI and LeEco

Bin Yuan, CTO, LeEco

Keynote: Visible Artificial Intelligence

Dr.Xu, CEO, SenseTime

Keynote: Future Applications of Mixed Reality

Ben Zhang, Founder & CEO, 247 Tech

Keynote: Motorola: Upgrading Modular Innovation and Future Experience

Yu Chen, VP of Lenovo, GM of MBG China Product Development

Keynote: Daydream: Platform for High Quality Mobile VR

Leon Zhao,Head of Business Development , Google Play

Keynote: AI Technologies Behind the 2 Billion Pieces of Video

Cheng Yixiao, Founder & CPO, Kuaishou

Panel: Future of Smart Robots

Moderator: Daisy, CEO, Onesight
Guo Jia, Co-founder&CMO, Turing Robot
Bill HUANG, Founder & CEO, CloudMinds Inc.
Qiu Nan, Founder & CEO, Gowild Robotics
David Chu, Founder & CEO, Vinci

Overseas Track

CNCC 1F Function Hall A

Lecture: Global Investment and M&a in the Gaming Sector

Jim Ying, Senior Advisor, CVCapital

Lecture: Getting Your VR Game Performance Right: Tips for Optimisation

Nizar Romdan, Co-Founder & CEO, Virtual Arts

Lecture: Differences in Publisher and Investor Deals and How to Choose Between Them

Kadri Ugand, Co-Founder & CEO, GameFounders

Lecture: Fast pace: 5 steps to success in the West

Artur Grigorjan, Head of Marketing Growth, Playrix

Lecture: The Future of Games: Avant-garde Artists Disrupting the Market

Brian Schrank, Co-Chair of the Game Design Program, DePaul University Chicago

Lecture: Top Trends in the Western Mobile Games Market – the Key Factors You Need to Understand to Succeed in 2017 and Beyond.

Chris James, Managing Director, Pocket Gamer

Lecture: Mobile Gaming and the Retention Rhetoric

Martine Spaans, Owner, Tamalaki Publishing

Lecture: Russian: A Key to 15 Eastern Europe Mobile Markets

Aleksander Novozhenov, CEO, ForGamer

Lecture: Why Chinese Games Fail on US Market and Vise Versa

Cvetan Rusimov, COO, Imperia Online

Lecture: Shaking up Game Development in South-East Asia

Gerald Tock, COO / Hoo Jia Ling, VP ,iCandy

Lecture: How to Ensure Overseas Success Through Localization?

Andrea Boetti, ​VP of Global Business Development & Sales, Fortumo

Lecture: Why HTML5 Instant Games Will Kill the App Stores in 2017!

Alexander Krug, Founder & CEO, SOFTGAMES

Lecture: Closer Ties of Developers and Japanese IP Holders - next Opportunity for Asian Gaming Market.

Kazuhiko Hirose, Director, Bushiroad

Lecture: IBM Public Cloud Oversea Deployment & Operation and Maintenance Management

Xuchun Jiang, Director of IBM Public Cloud Product Line, IBM

Lecture: West to China Publishing - Key Elements of Successful Partnerships

Mikael Leinonen, Founder & CEO, MyGamez

Lecture: Your Stepping Stone to the European Market

Damian Jaskowski, Specialist, Polish Embassy


Anna Fedorova, Business & PR Communications, RJ Games

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China National Convention Center, No.7 Tianchen East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

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Take Line 8 heading towards Chedaogou, getting off at the Olympic Green station, exit E.

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