Conventions plus Delegate Fare Discount is available for travel to the Event by Eligible Passengers on all Participating Carriers'valid published fares, except for a) travel to or from Japan, b) travel on All Nippon Airways (ANA).

The Discount is applied to the fare at the time that the ticket is purchased. The fare is subject to all applicable taxes and surcharges, and the Discount Rule published in the General Distribution Systems (the "Discount Rule"), as amended from time to time. Only bookings made to the designated city where the Event takes place (Beijing, China) are eligible for the Discount. Bookings originating in the Event City are not eligible.

The Discount is not eligible in tandem with corporate discounted fares, senior citizen fares and youth fares, agency discounted fares, industry discounted fares, web fares, the Star Alliance Round the world fares and the Star Alliance circle fares.

Discount Code: ZH01S17

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Business Class:

20 % (twenty per cent) Discount for "C" class on all Participating Carriers, except Singapore Airlines and Air China*

20 % (twenty per cent) Discount for “Z” class on Singapore Airlines

20 % (twenty per cent) Discount for "J" class on Air Canada/United and Air China only*

10 % (ten per cent) Discount for various business classes on selected Participating Carriers as per the Discount Rule*

Economy Class:

15 % (fifteen per cent) Discount for "Y/B" class on all Participating Carriers

10% (ten per cent) Discount for various economy classes, except Singapore Airlines, as per the Discount Rule*

4% (four per cent) Discount for different economy classes on select Participating Carriers as per the Discount Rule*

Discounts for Domestic Travel:

If the following Star Alliance member carriers are listed as Participating Carriers above, the Discounts set forth above will also apply for domestic travel on: Avianca, Air India, Ethiopian Airlines, Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Asiana, South African Airways, Scandinavian Airlines, TAP Portugal.

* Taxes, duties and fees are not included

  • For travel to/from Japan, the following Participating Carriers provide the special offers on their own airline network, as identified below:
  • Instruction for Purchasing Tickets via Travel Agents Please note that only tickets purchased via the Convention Plus online booking tool will be considered for the Organiser Support Value allocation. If you prefer to book your travel with a travel agent, provide the following access codes (in addition to the Event Code) for issuance of the tickets:
  • Amadeus: FQD QMXQMY/R, U/A (Carrier Code)
  • Galileo FD QMXQMY/ (Carrier Code)
  • Sabre FQ QMXQMY- (Carrier Code)
  • Sita FSD QMXQMY/ (Carrier Code)/ (Currency Code)
  • Worldspan 4FQMXQMYSR-(Carrier Code) Product Code CONVPLUS

The Event Code ZH01S17 must be inserted in the ticket tour code box