Developer-Publisher Matchmaking Session

Publishers, Bring New Games to Your Region


The search for good games has never been an easier task! The tailor made Publisher- Developer session will provide publishers the opportunity to learn about regional game projects. Game developers will offer their content and you can choose the most promising games to be published on your platform. 


Exceptional 70 game studios will be allowed to join the session and meet-up with publishers, speed pitching style. 


  • 1. More than 70 regional game companies
  • 2. Dedicated table will be provided for the meeting to each Publisher 
  • 3. Translator for each Publisher to assist with the language barrier
  • 4. 1 VIP Ticket per Publisher

*Seats are limited. Please contact Ashwini at to reserve your table now!

Are you a developer looking to join the Matchmaking Session? Here's How:

  • 1. Purchase a Matchmaking Access pass here.
  • 2. To participate in the session, prepare a pitch that describes your team, company background and project, including game format, platforms and key theme or style
  • 3. Don’t forget to bring your game demo on site

Participated Publishers 2018